Selling Tips March 15, 2023

Selling when You’re Going to be Out-of-Town

Selling when You’re Going to be Out-of-Town
If you’re going to be out-of-town but need to sell you home, you might be
concerned about listing your property while you’re away. After all, you won’t
be around to show your property, schedule viewings, consider offers, etc.
While it’s ideal that you be close to home when you’re selling, there’s no
reason why you can’t list your property, even if you’re going to be out-of-town.
When it comes to communications and document sharing, technology is a
wonderful thing! While you’re away, you can utilize phone, email, file sharing
apps (such as Dropbox), e-signing apps (such as DocuSign) and, online
meeting apps (such as Zoom).
For viewing appointments, a secure lock box (with your key inside) can be
installed so buyers can be shown your property.
Even services such as staging, painting, repair work, and cleaning can be
done while you’re away.
Sure, the selling process can become a little more challenging if you’re going
to be out-of-town, but certainly not impossible. In fact, homes are sold all the
time under these circumstances.
So, if you’re thinking of selling but worried about being away, give me a call.
I’ll show you how to make it work.