Selling Tips March 15, 2023

Front Walkway Improvements that Boost Curb Appeal

Front Walkway Improvements that Boost Curb Appeal
Your front walkway is one of the first sections of real estate a buyer will set
foot on when coming to see your home. So, it makes sense to make that
pathway to your front door as appealing as possible.
The obvious way is to make it as clean and clear as you can. Ensure there
are no obstacles in the way, such as overhanging branches, kid’s toys, or
potted plants. What you want is a clear, unobstructed and pleasant walk to
your main entranceway.
If your walkway needs deeper cleaning, consider a powerwash. There are
special detergents available that are designed specifically for stone, asphalt
or cement walkways and other outdoor surfaces.
A deep cleaning isn’t a major project. In most cases, the job can be done
within an hour. Yet, the result can be stunning.
If you’re selling in the spring or summer, another way to make your walkway
look better is to add flowers or other plants along the sides. Don’t overdo it.
You only need a few flowers or a couple of shrubs to make a big difference.
The great thing about adding a few flowers or shrubs is the impact they can
have on your entire frontage making it more attractive, and adding to your
home’s overall curb appeal.
Making your walkway look better may seem minor, but keep in mind that
when buyers make their way to your front door, they’re forming their first and
often most important impression of your property. The walkway plays a small
but important role in making it a good one.
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