Buying a Home

You’ve made the decision to buy a new home. Congratulations!

The first step is to contact Kathy Suhoza with Coldwell Banker Realty to buy a new home in CT. By choosing Kathy Suhoza, you will have a professionally trained, experienced realtor with fiduciary responsibility to represent your needs.
Kathy Suhoza will educate and direct you step by step in the buying process. She will put you in contact with a lender that will suit your needs so you can be pre-approved for a mortgage even before starting the house hunting process. Although the pre-approval is not a final loan commitment, the pre-approval letter will demonstrate your financial strength and ability to go through with the purchase when you are ready to make an offer on a home. This step is important prior to looking at homes. It will indicate how much you can afford on a new home and what range you should be looking in.
Kathy Suhoza will set you up with an account to help you search directly on the MLS to give you the most up to date, real time information. Kathy Suhoza will provide you with detailed information on the homes for sale in Newtown and the surrounding areas that you are interested in. This includes Coldwell Banker listings as well as ALL other real estate broker listings on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Making an Offer on a Home

Now your search to buy a home in CT has begun and the fun has started! It may take a sometime to find the “right” home, so be patient. When it’s time to make an offer Kathy will discuss with you the sold comparable’s to come up with the amount you are willing to pay. The offer paperwork consists of  the full name of who will be purchasing the property, amount of the offer, mortgage amount, deposit amount, closing date, personal property to be included in the sale, any contingencies such as building inspections, mortgage contingencies, etc.

If the offer is not acceptable to the seller, further negotiations may be necessary to reach terms that are agreeable to both buyer and seller. Counter-offers are common, so it is important that you remain in close contact with Kathy Suhoza during the negotiation process to quickly review and respond to proposed changes.

Your Offer Has Been Accepted!

Yayy! How exciting! But the real work is about to begin. Now is the time to have an attorney ready to represent you. Kathy Suhoza can provide you with a list of local attorneys that specialize in real estate. Building Inspections now are scheduled within the first 7 days of the signing of the accepted offer. Within the next 14 days all results of the inspections are reviewed. If any health and safety issues arises, you may request them in writing to the seller. This is another negotiation process. The seller may/not agree to any of the repairs. At this time the Buyer can decide to withdraw their offer and walk away from the transaction. The majority of times, they come to agreement of repair or credit to be given at close. Upon signed addendum and satisfaction, we move to appraisal process and underwriting with the lender.

Between Contract and Closing

While the Lender is reviewing the loan in Underwriting, this is the time to start packing! Kathy Suhoza will sign you up to receive Coldwell Banker’s exclusive Concierge Program is designed to assist you with the services you need before, during and after your move. From moving companies and new community information to home improvement services, we’re here every step of the way.

What to Expect at the Closing

The loan is approved and closing day is here! Kathy Suhoza will schedule a final walk through with you to make sure the home is in satisfactory condition. The Closing is a process where all parties sign the necessary paperwork to complete the transaction and transfer the property’s title from the seller to you. The seller receives payment for the home, and you receive the house keys! From the amount credited to the seller, the title representative subtracts the funds to pay off the existing mortgage and other transaction costs. Deeds, loan papers and other documents are prepared, signed, and ultimately filed with local property record office by your attorney.

Congratulations on your new Home!

8 questions to ask when looking at a home

People buy homes for many reasons: to be closer to their jobs, get extra space for a growing family, downsize, or other lifestyle changes. With your own reasons in mind, consider the following questions:

  1. Is there enough room for you now and in the near future?
  2. Is the home’s floor plan right for your family?
  3. Is there enough storage space?
  4. Will you have to replace the appliances?
  5. Is the yard the right size for you?
  6. Are there enough bathrooms?
  7. How much maintenance or upgrading will you need to do right away or later?
  8. Will your furniture work in this home?