Buying Tips March 16, 2023

Making An Offer on A Home

Now your search has begun and the fun has started! It may take a sometime to find the “right” home, so be patient. Once you’ve found the right home, you’re wanting to make an offer on, Kathy will discuss with you the sold comparable’s to come up with the amount you are willing to pay. The offer paperwork consists of your full name of who will be purchasing the property, the amount of the offer, mortgage amount, deposit amount, closing date, personal property to be included in the sale, any contingencies such as building inspections, mortgage contingencies, etc.

If the offer is not acceptable to the seller, further negotiations may be necessary to reach terms that are agreeable to both buyer and seller. Counter-offers are common, so it is important that you remain in close contact with Kathy Suhoza during the negotiation process to quickly review and respond to proposed changes.